As your postpartum doula, I provide non-medical, informational and educational support to you and your family through the period of transition following the birth of your child, up to 3 months.


My goal is to support the goals and needs of each individual family. This can include meal prep, massage, breastfeeding support, or helping to set up a room for efficient infant care. I am happy to meet with your family during pregnancy to discuss what your needs and goals might be, and work with you to create a support schedule that meets them.


I take to heart the idea that "mother care is the primary care." While everyone pays attention to the baby, I’ll be paying attention to you.

My postpartum support includes meal prep and grocery shopping for your home, leaving your fridge stocked with nourishing foods. I’ll be there as you navigate those early weeks with your new baby, with reassurance, non-judgment, and evidence-based information and resources. I’ll be paying attention to your physical comfort and healing, providing you with massages, nourishing food and beverages, and getting your feeding and changing nooks set up. I will also help keep your home feeling put together: laundry, dishes, wiping countertops, and other small tasks that will bring your home to comfort.


I will also simply be with you, holding space for you as a new mother. I will listen to you, without judgment or advice, talk about your baby, tell your birth story, or explore the new emotional terrain of motherhood.


If you have any questions, or wish to speak further about your postpartum needs, please get in touch with me using the form on the Contact page. We'll arrange a time to chat on the phone for a few minutes, and go from there.













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