Using techniques that I have studied and refined over my decade as a massage therapist (myofascial release, Swedish massage, deep tissue and trigger point work), and a hefty dose of intiution, I assist and support the body as it moves toward alignment, balance and pain-free movement. My work is slow, deliberate, and respectful of the boundaries of the human body. I work with patience and presence, listening to what the body is communicating.

I consider the time for your massage as sacred, the massage itself as sacred space. It is an invitation to unburden, to relinquish the cares and worries that our physical bodies down.

I offer 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions in my office. Outcalls, where I come to your home for the session, are 90 minutes only.


Reiki is a form of energy therapy that uses simple, genlte hands-on placements, no-touch techniques, and/or visualization for improving, restoring and balancing the natural life force energy (Qi, Chi, Prana) within the body.

Some say it is a spiritual healing art (not tied to any or one religion), because the Reiki practitioner works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of a person.

Reiki is a supplemental therapy that works in harmony with other types of medicine to combat anxieties and physical illnesses. Reiki is non-invasive and non-aggressive; the energy that flows is subtle, gentle, and goes where it it most needed.

During a Reiki treatment you are fully clothed, resting on the table, while I focus on the energy patterns of the body. Clients report a feeling of deep relaxation that washes over the body during these sessions, with some drifting off to sleep, some having visions, or receiving information and insight around a particular issue. Every client tells me they feel more grounded and centered in themselves.

If you are curious about Reiki, or unsure and skeptical about it, let me know! I will add an extra few minutes to your next massage session and give you a mini treatment, so you can experience it without committing to a full Reiki session.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is another method I use in my energy healing work. Similar to Reiki, a crystal healing session begins with the fully-clothed client resting on the table. I begin with light to no touch, getting a sense of the energy of the body, how it's flowing, how the chakras are responding. I then use crystals, stones, and gems, placed on the body, to adjust, shift, and transform energetic frequencies.

I often combine Reiki and crystal healing into one session. As holistic therapies, they work well together, and clients have said that the crystal therapy enhanced the results of the Reiki session.

*Massage therapy, Reiki, and crystal healing are optional, voluntary additions to your wellbeing. They are not intended to replace appropriate medical care.



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